The Unconquered

13 September 2017

Fish Ladder, Platige Image and Juice in collaboration with the Institute of National Remembrance, produced an animated film telling the story of Poland’s fifty-year struggle for independence.

The project gave us a chance to create, for the first time in post-War Poland, a synthesis of the country’s history told in the language of pop culture.

The essence of the Polish spirit

– Determination, ingenuity and a fighting spirit were the distinguishing marks of Poles who took part in battles against Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The film’s hero personifies the versatility of fighting Poles. He is a soldier who becomes a conspirator, an exile, a flyer, a tank crew member, a spy or a worker. There is also a woman, who appears as a special forces operative or a nurse saving Jewish children – says Krzysztof Noworyta, the film’s initiator and creative director at Fish Ladder / Platige Image.

Each of the heroes is both a symbolic and a historical figure, based on real-life people such as Irena Sandler, Zofia Zawacka or Witold Pilecki. The film was directed by Michał Misiński of the studio Juice. The painterly aesthetic he proposed gives the story a poetic, almost mythical dimension.

Krzysztof Noworyta and Marcin Kobylecki led the project from Fish Ladder’s side, while Tobiasz Piątkowski took part in the creative development. Rafał Pękała coordinated the project from the Institute’s side.

The film will premiere on the 15th of September!

Krzysztof Noworyta (Creative Director)