Cooperation with Silesian Amusement Park

July saw the opening of one of the largest rollercoasters in Central Europe – Lech Coaster. Fish Ladder and Platige Image designed a content rich multimedia pre-show for this new attraction.

Together with the Silesian Amusement Park Legendia and Tatra Mountains Resort we designed and produced a multimedia storytelling layer for Lech Coaster, the largest roller coaster in this part of Europe.

The Silesian Lunapark is the oldest in Poland. Recently it has been reopened as a theme park where one of the main motiffs are Polish myths and legends. Through a custom-built storytelling concept surrounding Lech Coaster, we have breathed life into the figure of Lech, the mythical founder of the Polans. This has been accompanied by an imaginative marketing and merchandising programme.

A new type of experience

Before taking a ride on the roller coaster, visitors enter a custom-built panoramic cinema where they view a multimedia programme of the “Legend of Lech” created by Fish Ladder and Platige Image.

– The World’s best and most significant theme parks feature multimedia shows as an immersive introduction to their main attractions. Thanks to the engaging nature of the show, guests can expect experiences on an entirely new level – says Jan Pomierny, Associate Studio Director at Fish Ladder and the creative producer of the project.

Entertainment based on Polish culture

Our collaboration with Legendia is another example of a project which combines Polish culture with technology and entertainment. We believe that the country’s cultural heritage is a vast source of inspiration for contemporary projects which use latest technologies and build significant value around “brand Poland.”

Platige Entertainment created the visual layer along a concept designed by Fish Ladder. Platige Events took care of the project’s technical production.

Jan Pomierny (Associate Studio Director)