New face for the Museum of Warsaw

Warsaw’s historic Old Town Square was the location of a visual show and spatial exhibition which we prepared for the reopening of the Museum of Warsaw.

For an entire weekend, we took over Warsaw’s Old Town Square with a large-format installation to commemorate the re-opening of the Museum of Warsaw: Anew. Fish Ladder team and Platige Image designed and created a metaphorical imagining of the building’s interior along with elements of the new “Warsaw Things” exhibition.

An animated projection, 3D-mapped onto the restored facade of the building accompanied the installation, drawing attention to the historical context of selected parts of the collection.

A historical metaphor you can touch

– We aimed to show history in a tactile, engaging form. To do this, we chose metaphor as an appropriate mean of introducing the Museum and its collections as objects whose context is part of a continuum that extends beyond the immediate. This approach will demonstrate the city’s journey through time, making it possible for viewers to appreciate the many changes Warsaw, and her inhabitants, have gone through – says Krzysztof Noworyta, Fish Ladder’s Creative Director and co-author of this project.

The Old Town installation was modelled on the interior of the building which houses the Museum. By walking through its maze, viewers experienced the building and some of the collections it houses.

The projection consisted of three segments, ten minutes in total, and was looped. Parts one and three were abstractions of the process of restoring the Museum and building its exhibitions. Part two was an impressionistic telling of the stories of six objects in the context of historical events.

Karolina Panasiuk directed the 3D mapping projection while Mateusz Morski was responsible for the design and architectural supervision of the installation.

Marcin Kobylecki (Head of Fish Ladder)