Startup Collider

6 March 2017

PwC’s startup incubator is a programme aiming to bring together the rising stars of the CEE startup ecosystem in Warsaw. For its launch we prepared a multimedia teaser which introduced the new incubator to potential participants.

Startup Collider is a programme aimed primarily at new technology businesses, startups, from the financial services sector. The narration of the teaser, therefore, touched on technology solutions generally associated with this field, that is: artificial intelligence, machine learning, Blockchain and the Internet of Things.

The teaser was presented at the Wolves Summit, a major conference for startups, investors, corporates and entrepreneurs, in the Autumn of 2016. It was also used by PwC to promote the programme direct.

Software solutions are altering the very fabric of our lives but to demonstrate this process in a way which speaks directly to emotions is not easy. We turned to a concept which used the symbology of emerging technologies – artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and the Internet of Things. the name Startup Collider was reflected in the concept of idea smash-ups, used in the teaser – add’s PwC’s Mateusz Nowak, leader of the programme.

New technologies and talents

More and more technology startups choose Warsaw or locations elsewhere in the Central Eastern Europe region as the right place to base themselves. This is a story which needs telling in a contemporary way, emphasising the quality of local talent and creativity – says Łukasz Alwast, Fish Ladder’s Project Lead and producer of the teaser.

Piotr Adamczyk directed the spot, Marek Marlikowski shot it and Jakub Pietrzak of Juice looked after the audio.

Łukasz Alwast (Project Lead)