Culturetech in Puls Biznesu

30 January 2017

Brand building for the country and the idea of #culturetech were the subject of an article which ran in Poland’s leading business periodical. The authors were our own Marcin Kobylecki and Łukasz Alwast.

The idea of culturetech is rooted in the belief that technology and culture are inextricably linked. Products and services which come about as a result make up a large and rapidly increasing component of the economies of modern countries.

Marcin and Łukasz argue that Poland’s substantial cultural potential can lead to the country becoming a creative industry superpower. To do this, it must focus on development of products and services which skillfully blend technology, science and design within imaginative storytelling and new business models.

If you’d like to learn more, read the Puls Biznesu article. Puls Biznesu

In the same issue, we also recommend Kuba Jedliński’s piece “Kraj na styku szaleństwa i Excela” (A country at the confluence of madness and Excel.) His interviewees argue forcefully that “culturetech” must not mean only computer games or movies but should also contain such diverse areas of the economy as the space industry, furniture making and fashion. We agree wholeheartedly.

Łukasz Alwast (Project Lead)