Polish Legends: new film premieres – Jaga

9 December 2016

We have completed the second series of Allegro’s Polish Legends – a series of shorts inspired by Polish myths and legends. The final film is a retelling of the Baba Jaga character and story.

A new character played by Katarzyna Pośpiech enters the lineup of strong male heroes from the Polish Legends universe. Twardowski, Kołodziej and Boruta are joined by Jaga, the mistress of herbs and elixirs, who is as graceful as she is deadly. She draws on the forces of nature to deal with Iron Mountain’s elite commando unit.

Jaga is the final episode of the second series of Allegro’s Polish Legends.

In the Polish Legends project we present traditional folk stories and legends from a modern perspective. This gives us an opportunity to engage with a younger audience of digital natives and social media regulars, while releasing positive sentiments among the more mature viewers.

Key to the success of Polish Legends has been our avoidance of well-worn formulas and combining of selected elements of literature, film and culture. We are jointly responsible for the overall concept with Allegro and Platige Image. This action-packed episode of Legends suspends its narration, leaving the viewer in anticipation of what’s to come.

Jaga, the superheroine

– We love to celebrate strong female characters, even if it is only within the confines of the world of popular culture. To ensure that we would have such a character in a leading role, we created Jaga who is loosely based on Baba Jaga, a folk story witch – says Tomek Bagiński, Director at Platige Image.

We shot the fight scenes in a real, rustic shed and the location turned out to be incredibly technically demanding on both the cast and crew. The shed’s construction meant having to use complex suspension systems, making the entire shoot, and especially the stuntwork something of a risky venture. Even with the sequences carefully planned and the truss positions precisely measured, this was a tough one.

As in the previous films, we used new renditions of musical pieces. This time we had „Jaskółka uwięziona” composed by Atanas Valkov and Georgina Tarasiuk and „Kocham wolność” by Matheo and Damian Ukeje.

The producers assure us, this is not the end of the Legends.

Marcin Kobylecki (Head of Fish Ladder)