Museum of Polish History: anticipated project begins

7 November 2016

We have inked the agreement with the Museum of Polish History to design the scenario and multimedia contents for their permanent exhibition. We are excited to be working in consortium with WWA Architects.

The Museum of Polish History is one of the largest such undertakings in the country. In the Autumn of 2016 we commenced work on its permanent exhibition, having won an international competition in 2011.

The Museum will form part of the Citadel complex of museums and exhibitions – which will include a Polish Army Museum, the Museum of Katyń and the Museum of the Tenth Pavillion. This space will be open to all and we would like to ensure, it becomes a new calling card for the city.

Discovering history should be an adventure

– Our intention from the beginning has been to make this museum something of a cult location. We believe that museums must attract people, not scare them away, and are proud to be able to bring this one to life. This resembles the process of making a major painting, with our competition entry drawing a general outline around the concept and sketching out its suggested content. We are now at work painting in the details – says Krzysztof Noworyta, Creative Director at Fish Ladder.

The Museum of Polish History will use modern narration to show the history of our land in an accessible manner. It will point to the most important aspects of Polish history, the state and the nation, focusing especially on themes associated with the idea of freedom: parliamentary tradition, institutions and civic movements and the struggle for freedom and independence.

The Museum is planning to open its permanent exhibition in the Autumn of 2019.

Fish Ladder’s exhibition competencies

The design and production of exhibitions for museums and science centres is one of Fish Ladder key areas of expertise. The production of scripts and the multimedia content for the Museum of Polish History displays some of Platige Image’s broad range of creative competencies.

The value of the entire project, awarded to us in consortium with WWAA, is 6.2 million PLN.

Krzysztof Noworyta (Creative Director)