Ambition: Epilogue

28 September 2016

The end of the Rosetta Mission was one of this decade’s major scientific events. In cooperation with the European Space Agency we prepared a short film to celebrate it.

The first man-made object to follow a comet in its orbit around the Sun and set down a landing module on its surface, Rosetta finished its mission on September 30, 2016, after twelve years’ of sailing through Space. As a result of the mission, Science was able to gather previously entirely unobtainable data about the comet’s composition and its history.

The short film “Ambition: Epilogue” is the second, and final, part of a project which began in 2014 with the science fiction short “Ambition”, directed by Tomasz Bagiński. This has been one of the more impactful popular science campaigns of the last few years, resonating as it did, not just through the world of science.

An emotional finale

“Ambition: Epilogue” is the culmination of the story presented by Bagiński.

For the Rosetta team the end of the mission was a moving event. Many of them had spent up to twenty years on the project and its grand finale brought out strong emotions as they saw the successful conclusion to important life’s work. For us, the project entailed three months of concerted effort, two of those spent on shooting the live action and in post-production. We had shot the original “Ambition” in Iceland. This time we decided to use Polish locations – says Jan Pomierny, the project’s leader and Associate Studio Director at Fish Ladder.

We shot the live action in the Kampinos National Park and the Royal Baths (“Łazienki”) in Warsaw. Maciej Jackiewicz directed it, having been previously responsible for teasers for the games Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher. Marta Staniszewska and Jan Pomierny from our own team were the producers, while the executive producer was Mark McCaughrean, the ESA’s Senior Scientific Advisor.

“Ambition: Epilogue” in another addition to the continuing cooperation of our own studio and Platige Image with the European Space Agency.

Jan Pomierny (Associate Studio Director)